If you’re into industrial rock/metal or are just into the goth scene, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen Marilyn Manson in concert, interviews on Youtube, or magazines. The dark and artsy one made a fairly quick impact on the music world, and continues to do so to this day with his distinctive appearance and demeanor. Manson and company have actually sold tens of millions of records. Perhaps that’s what enabled Manson to purchase a bright and welcoming (for now) 2,711 sq ft home in Los Angeles, California. Then again, the towering structure would make a great gloomy Halloween mansion. That’s setting aside the current exterior the house dons proudly.

The two-door garage is just to the right of the gated entrance to the flight of stairs that lead to the main entrance of the house. The house sure looks younger than the year it was built (1926). Floor plan amusingly consists of 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. But hey, at least it’s a two-floor! There’s actually an unoccupied room that can be dedicated to Manson’s wishes. Also, the bathrooms are big and the backyard’s lavishing. Kitchen is simple, but some appliances are included. If Marilyn Manson can drop $1 million on this kind of home, then he can certainly throw some cash at renovations. That’s if he wants to, of course.

Address: Unknown