An incident that occurred on the streets of Taylor SwiftNew York City Apartment Building

The New York Police Department reports that witnesses called the non-emergency number in New York to report the sighting of a man who drove the wrong direction on Swift Street at 5:00 AM on Thursday, January 27. According to police, the man crashed with a block building, then reversed and struck part of a sidewalk. According to NYPD, there were no structural damages done to the building.

After exiting his vehicle, the man attempted to remove a building’s intercom system by pulling it out, according to the NYPD. According to the police, the man tried to get access. After he was unsuccessful, he walked away and was then approached by officers, who took him into custody. 

TMZ published photographs of a broken intercom reportedly in Swift’s apartment. It’s unclear if she was at her New York apartment at the time of the incident.   

According to NYPD the man is being held on pending charges.