The first few days following the birth of baby Boten These were frightening.

Loren Alexei BrovarnikIn August, Boten and their second child were welcomed into this world. Here we are now. Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days exclusive sneak peek, we get a first look at the struggles the couple faced after delivering the little one.

In the clip, Dr. Santos visits Loren and Alex in the recovery room and tells them that Boten must be intubated overnight. Although this was nerve-wracking, Dr. Santos assured them that their baby would be able breathe by himself once the medication has started to work. 

Loren says it all in this clip: “When Dr. Santos tells you that he can no longer breathe on his own, and that the tube is necessary for him to do so, it’s frightening.” You’re thinking, “Oh my God, how is he going make it?”

She continued, “I question,” asking “Is it my responsibility that he is unable to breathe by himself?” Do you think it was my fault that he arrived so early? What could I do to prevent it? Can I have done it differently? You know, like “What did I wrong?”