We’ve all got a celebrity or two that we have a particular focus on. And emulation is sometimes the biggest compliment that you can give a person. In this case, something that you should put on your bucket list is to try to live like a celebrity in some form or another at some point in your life. It might be expensive or might take a lot of energy to accomplish, but the result would be that you could satisfactorily say that you’ve had a unique experience created in just the way that you want.

Three particular activities might come to mind as you’re brainstorming what you would put on your list. First of all, you could reserve a yacht for some reason. Celebrities always are on yachts, right? Or, you could try out for a reality TV show. How many B list celebrities do we admire for their genuine ability to connect to the standard audience? And third, and a little bit more reasonable, might be to get bottle service at your favorite nightclub. 

It can easily stretch to hundreds or thousands of dollars, so be prepared for the big price ticket and understand that it might be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Reserve a Yacht

The first in line for celebrity trends that you might want to mimic would be to reserve a yacht for a social event. Maybe it’s your wedding. Maybe it’s a party celebrating your promotion into an upper echelon of a profession. It’s hard to say what it is precisely about a yacht that seems so luxurious. 

The experience of being on a boat is mostly the same regardless of presentation. But it is the presentation that makes it different when it comes to living an everyday lifestyle versus a celebrity one.

Try Out for Reality-TV

If you ever wanted to be on reality TV? Whether someone is a celebrity before they enter into that realm or they become a celebrity because they enter into that realm, it is a fascinating foray into pop culture psychology. Recognizing this, if you have the opportunity to put yourself out there in a reality TV show, you are essentially creating a pathway to becoming someone else for a short amount of time. 

It can be a fascinating experience both internally and externally, and if you’re willing to put it on your bucket list to try out for reality TV shows, only time will tell if you make it through.

Get Bottle Service at Your Favorite Nightclub

We’ve all seen in movies where people order bottle service at famous nightclubs. You, too, can join this club. The thing is, you have to figure out what the cost and benefit will be. Yes, this is a bucket list item that is easier to make happen than many other bucket list wishes. But remember, for a whole lot of money you get an experience but not a lot of actual value.