Quick! Jack Reacher needs a hideout! Aaaaaaaand sold. The author of the Reacher series, Jim Grant (goes by Lee Child as his pen name). just purchased a co-op in the Upper West Side area of Manhattan for $9.15 million. See, people. Authoring does pay off in the end! Then again, Child managed to write additions to a novel that helped lay the foundation for fictional success, not to also mention that a movie was made based on one of them. There’s another Jack Reacher novel already set for publish dates for this year, as well as a sequel to the well-received film adaptation.

Anyways, Lee Child’s new “thrilling” hideout sits atop The Orwell House on Central Park West, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It comes complete with a furnished kitchen. The cooking vent is actually stylized, stainless steel, and is adequate for Child’s cooking needs. Of course, we can’t forget about that island workstation/seating area. Other amenities include fireplace and library. No need to mention the wondrous views of Central Park that the large and clear windows open up to, as well as how easy it is to get around the city and dine.

Address: 257 Central Park West, New York NY 10024