She said, “When my body woke up in the morning, I was thinking about the events of the previous night and realized that perhaps Sutton was telling Diana her story to help her connect.” Sutton called me immediately and I sincerely apologized. Sutton is a friend of mine and I care a lot about her.” 

Kyle stated that Sutton was open to accepting her apology and they are now moving on.

Sutton has not yet acknowledged the issue on social media. As for Garcelle, she tweeted that she never knew about Kyle, Dorit and their husbands laughing about Erika’s behavior.

Garcelle also made what she called “an appreciation post” for Jax and her other two sons, JaidAnd OliverErika also mentioned this in the interview. RHOBHPreview, in a flirtier manner. Garcelle shared a picture of her trio and wrote, “You boys make my proud.” Your love, kindness, and respect are admirable. Respect is shown to others even when they aren’t due it. You are the reflection of their character and respect is something you can show them.”