Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, may be deceased. But, there’s still a part of him that was left behind, and it’s on sale for $500,000! The former grunge/alternative rock legend lived in a 4 bedroom and 1 bathroom home in Aberdeen, WA for a majority of his life, although it’s reported that he inhabited the 1,522 sq ft house in three separate lenghts of time. Within that time, the talented Kurt Cobain stained the home with some of his personality. You betcha! Despite what one may find inside the house of Cobain, Kurt’s still praised and favored by most of today’s music enthusiasts.

Throughout the years, mama Cobain managed to hold the 0.1 acre property. But, she could hold it for so long to the point where someone like us may want to get in on the buying war for Kurt’s former childhood home. The house has two stories and was built in 1923. It all remains to be quaint. The price tag includes basic furnishings, double bowl stainless steel sink, basement, fireplace, and bathtub. Oh yes, and “Led Zeppelin” and “Iron Maiden” written on the attic’s wall. Kurt Cobain’s former childhood home is something that should unquestionably be considered.

Address: 1210 E 1st St, Aberdeen WA 98520