For NASCAR drivers, it’s the end. Kurt BuschHis wife Ashley Busch.
According to TMZ who cited court records, Ashley sought divorce in Florida in May. She claimed that her marriage had been irretrievably ended. She also claimed that her husband had committed a “tortious act”. Ashley—who tied the knot with Kurt in January 2017—did not go into specific details about the accusation.
According to the outlet, Ashley also explained in her papers that her relationship ended sometime around April. She claimed that Kurt had “cut her off access to their joint bank account and credit cards.” Kurt also demanded that Ashley leave her family’s home “by the first week June”.

Kurt issued a statement following the news that their marriage was ending. He said, “I’m heartbroken to inform you that Ashley and I are trying to end our marriage.” “Divorce can be a private and personal matter, and I trust that our privacy will always be protected.”