CelebHomes – What is the best way to avoid uneven colors and mistakes when applying self-tanner?
IA: Don’t apply tanner directly to your skin or glob it onto a mitt. Instead, you want to just use what’s leftover on the mitt to get a realistic saturation of color.

You can also apply the tanner using a makeupbrush, by just mixing it with a nice kabuki brush. To get between your fingers’ webs, form a bear claw shape with your hand. It is really easy to use a makeup brush on your feet and hands to give them a golden glow.

CelebHomes: When I would use that kabuki brush when I’m tanning?
IA: This is great for smaller areas like between your fingers. This is a great way to hide your ankles or blend your skin in the small space between your hands and your palm. This is an area where it can get messy. This would be smoothed out by a brush.

You can use a makeup brush to contour, adding a little definition on your arm. If you are able to flex your arm, apply some makeup and tanner. This is also useful for contouring your face. Use the excess product and make a fishy look. Place it on your cheekbones and around your forehead. You can then bring it all down under your chin. 

Also, you can add some definition to the area around your pelvis by having some abdominal muscles.