Kim KardashianWe are ready to make a change.

CelebHomes News has obtained new court records that show the following: Keep Up with the Kardashians alum’s lawyer states that Kim “has no desire to reconcile” with Kanye “Ye” WestHe has made it public that he would like to mend their relationship.

The documents stated that irreconcilable disagreements have caused the irremediable breakup of the marriage. Counselling or any other methods are not possible to save the union. “The maintenance of technical marital status is essential between [Kim] and [Ye] serves no useful purpose,And there is no reason to maintain the legal relationship.”

According to the documents, Kim is asking the court to declare her legally single because Ye and his lawyers have “been non-responsive” to her attempts to “move this case forward to a speedy and amicable resolution.” 

The petition states that Kim will agree to “any conditions” that the court wishes to impose in order to divorce Ye. CelebHomes News reached Ye’s lawyer to get his comments.