Santa watches over you! 

Kim Kardashian Funnyly interrogated daughter Chicago WestThree-year-old niece and nephew Dream KardashianFig. 5, 5 after the Elf-on-the Shelf Decoration was removed. 

“What’s happening?” Kim asks in an Instagram Story Dec. 1. 

Chicago replied that the Elf was sick, but Dream said that the Elf “fell down like 4 times.” 

It Keep Up with the Kardashians star noted, “I feel like you were in some of the decorations stuff. Do you agree? You girls, it’s not possible to touch her.” 

Dream seems to have the right answer. “We weren’t touching him,” Dream says. Rob Kardashian“She said it to me.” 

“She got here by accident?” Kim laughed. 

“No, North touched her because she got sick,” Dream replied. Dream replied, “She held her sleeve together with the elf.”

Kim was aware of what the girls were doing, and said, “So, she never really knew.” Below her? The elf shouldn’t be at the doctor’s like this, girls. These elves are not to be touched, men.”