That’s a L.A. trip you won’t forget!

Dutch tourist gets the shock of his lifetime when he runs into Kim Kardashian Pete DavidsonWhile out and about in Beverly Hills (Calif.) on Saturday 27 November, just after Thanksgiving.

Paul BarewijkHe is also a talk-show reporter and music editor.RTL Boulevard and who recently arrived in Los Angeles from Amsterdam, told CelebHomes News that he first spent the day going on a walk, during which he stopped to take a photo by the Fendi x SKIMS collab pop-up boutique on Rodeo Drive, which was closed at the time.

“So, I went on my way, looked at beautiful mansions, and then walked to a park. Finally, I stopped by The Beverly Hills Hotel for some vitamin and drinks. My mom called me after just a short time. He said that he saw Pete Davidson while seated at a bar. But, as I continued to look I realized it was Kim Kardashian.

He added, “I instantly stopped my call and went both. I gave her the picture from when I stopped by the popup. It impressed her and she requested a picture. “Sure,” she replied.