As everyone, or most of us know, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are finally divorced. It’s been official! We know, about time right? Now, what follows a celebrity divorce? For one thing, it’s no different from that of any other couple’s. The man and woman go their separate ways after settling the handling of assets, and in Khloe’s case, buy a house that’s close to the fam. Khloe’s new home is right by Kourtney’s in The Oaks of the city of Calabasas. The drawback is Khloe may need to clean up a bunch of eggshells that the ever so young, Justin Bieber, left behind from his hooligans.

Nonetheless, the 10,000 sq ft manse on the 1.28 acre property has everything that Khloe could want; 3-car garage, classy fireplaces, formal dining, casual dining, pool, luxurious poolside seating, water fountain……This high-end casa is perfect for Khloe to heal those wounds, pick herself up, and move on. The estate’s floor plan consists of 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. It’s reported that she paid $7.2 million, and that Bieber is Atlanta’s problem now.

Address: 25202 Prado Del Grandioso, Calabasas CA 91302