Kevin Jonas’s last movie was Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. That was back in 2010. Luckily for him, that wasn’t his final jam. The trio may’ve gone separate ways. But, it’s reported that Kevin and his younger broseph, Joe, are going on tour. It’s set to last throughout the summer, and end sometime in the fall. Another thing the Jonas brother has going for him is the sale on his estate in New Jersey. The two story 5 bed and 5.5 bath home netted $1.675 million. That’s $560,000 more than the Zestimate. Go KJ2!

And what a home that him and wife Danielle Deleasa once inhabited. It measures 4,788 sq ft and sits on roughly 1 acres. The front of the house is very warm and welcoming, despite its massive size. The home boasts a spacious homey furnished master kitchen, kitchen countertop seating, breakfast area, formal/casual dining area that’s great for meetings too, and an office/additional meeting room.

Address: 5 Roleson Way, Denville NJ 07834