Score! Kendall kisses for the win!

Friday, Oct. 22 Kendall Jenner was photographed exchanging a sweet hug and smooch with boyfriend Devin Booker as he made his way off the basketball court at Los Angeles’ Staples Center following his team the Phoenix Suns’ 115-100 victory over the L.A. Lakers. Before the 25-year-old model and the 24-year-old NBA star’s rare PDA moment, she looked at him admiringly as he walked to her while giving spectators high fives.

CelebHomes News was told by an eyewitness that Kendall cheered for Devin and Suns during the blowout game. “Devin made an effort to reach Kendall after the final buzzer. Kendall was smiling big!

Kendall sat courtside at the game with friends Travis “Taco” BennettFor a married couple Justin BieberAnd Hailey Bieber. The women had matching bedazzled cups decorated with the logo for Kendall’s 818 Tequila.

The event took place a month after the reality star and Devin vacationed with Biebers in Jamaica.