Take this into consideration Kelly OsbourneGoing on the record.

The following Tuesday, November 30, will be the OsbournesAlum sent a screenshot from what looked like an email to National Enquirer that asked for her to comment on an upcoming story, which insensitively claimed that she “has put on a tremendous amount of weight” lately.

 The unverified email, which was posted to her Instagram Story, said that the former Fashion PoliceStar has been eating in order to deal with her stress and relapse.

While the message said that Kelly should reply to the outlet and its editor-in-chief, Dan DolanThe 37-year old star of the show decided to answer any comments she received about the story in her own manner.

She wrote, “This is the thing I have to cope with every day,” in her caption. Send Dan an email to let me know your opinion about the fat-shaming of them.