While we have heard of a chocolate box for date nights, what about a condom box?

Kelly doesn’t just feel overprotective about Matt, her 31 year-old son. She also believes Matt should use protection. Kelly’s exclusive video from TLC’s July 10, episode shows this. Mama’s Boy, I Love You.

Kelly said that Matt and she are the only ones who approve of a relationship. Brittany might be my one but I do want to support him. I’m torn. “I want to support you but I also want to keep you.”

This is the classic Mama’s Boy conundrum.

Matt prepares for Brittany’s big night out. Brittany is 25 and Matt has a suitcase full of CDs. Brittany stops by to bring a bag of condoms, as well as a small case. 

Kelly says to Matt that she wants grandchildren, but Matt tells Kelly that “I’d prefer to have a first wedding.”

But it isn’t Terrible logic!