It doesn’t take much to discover the world. Keanu Reeves‘ kindness.

It MatrixAn onlooker who witnessed the interaction between star and fan during a transatlantic flight to New York from London said that the pair had an incredibly warm conversation. The exchange was witnessed by an onlooker. now-viral thread on TwitterTV Producer Andrew Kimmel⁠—who was on the same flight as Reeves⁠—said the actor was hanging out by airport’s luggage claim area when he was approached by a young boy for an autograph.

Not only did Reeves sweetly oblige, but he also “happily responded to every single” question the child had for him, according to Kimmel.

“Kid, why were you in London?” he tweeted. He tweeted: “KR – Filming a documentary.”

Kimmel said also that Reeves did not correct him when Grand Prix was mispronounced, and instead they continued to talk about Formula 1 race like it never happened.

“F1! “F1!” Race cars! Kimmel remembered Reeves telling him, and shared that the Tempo alum told the fan he doesn’t drive race cars but does “like riding motorcycles.”