If you’re an ink afficionado, then you may know of Kat Von D. She’s also somewhat notorious for dating Sandra Bullock’s former tumor, Jesse James. Don’t worry, Kat. You’ll be doing nothing but grooving and having a good time with your fiance, Deadmau5. The sexy tatted-up icon recently put her Hollywood Hills 1927 spanish-style medieval fortress on the market for $2.5 million flat. Is it worth $2.5 million? Lets see what this unique home has to offer. Watch out for bats!

The 4,148 sq ft 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom castle is private and gated. Outlining the perimeter of the house are beautiful lawn areas and small decorative bushes. It seems as though the exterior of the house is maintained. Even a Unicorn would be jealous of the white this place has on it! One may infer that the interior is gothic-themed. Just so happens, it is. But, it’s not at the level of gothicness you might expect. The dining room and living room (piano with a slight intimidating appearance included) are an exception.

All other rooms are alittle more subtle, with nicely painted white walls. Of course, you have your kitchen. Appliances are included in this deal. The house also has a basement. No human was tortured endlessly or harmed during the production and completion of this part of the house………..Other features include garbage disposal at your convenience, spa, and a firepit (for burning corpses). Additionally, it’s ironically located on Outpost Dr.! This may surely taunt intruders and discourage them from invading the tall white mansion.

Home Address: 1818 Outpost Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068 (Hollywood Hills – California)