Ye‘s 2021 Thanksgiving prayer doubled as a mea culpa. 

The rapper, who was formerly Kanye West shared Thursday’s Nov. 25 video. It featured a group of singers, interspersed with audio from him addressing his past behavior, such as spending “like crazy” and his 2020 presidential campaign. He wore a “Make America Great Again,” hat that highlighted his drinking, temper, and his previous habits. 

“Hello! My name is Ye. This is my super-super, superlong Thanksgiving prayer,” he said. This Thanksgiving I am so grateful to my family, my blood, my friends, our enemies, and my family. We love you, too.”

He said that he had written the prayer right after he took his and. Kim Kardashian“Son” Saint WestTo his first football match. “My mini me is a combination of two of my favourite things. My wife and me. He said, “All I think about each day is how to get my family together again and how to heal the hurt that I have caused.” “I am accountable for all my actions. Alert! Mis-actions. My successes and my failures all have one thing in commun: I am me. 

His “hair-trigger” temper was caused by drinking. He said that he did it to relieve stress. When addressing his temper, he stated, “I’m sure none of you will ever imagine this. Sometimes I scream” and said that despite the fact that it helped him tell people who were doubting me through music, that screaming didn’t keep me together with my family.”