Possible video evidence

Also, Cash claimed Wilson’s bicycle was stolen. Police later located it about 68ft south of Wilson’s house. It had been hidden under thick bamboo.

The police noted in their affidavit how a surveillance camera showed Wilson entering his home and seeing a dark colored SUV carrying a bicycle rack. U.S. Marshalls discovered a 2012 Jeep Cherokee with a bike rack at Strickland’s home on May 12. Armstrong told him that he lived with Armstrong and the SUV was hers. 

Colin Strickland speaks out

Strickland, 35 years old, said, “Moriah Wilson, I and a brief romance relationship that spanned for a week during Wilson’s visit to Austin” Austin American-StatesmanIn the following: statement on May 20. She and I were in a relationship that had just ended. Kaitlin Armstrong returned home to California, and about one month later Kaitlin Armstrong was back. We reconnected and resumed our relationship. Following our brief, October-based relationship in 2021 [Wilson and I]We were never in a relationship of love, but only one that was platonic and professional.

Strickland said, “There’s no other way to express my regret at this terrible crime and the torture that I felt.” He also said he has “cooperated fully with investigators” and will “continue to do so until some form of justice is served.”

Armstrong was allegedly in a confrontation with Wilson regarding Strickland.

According to the affidavit, Strickland told police he has dated Armstrong for approximately three years and that they briefly ended their relationship for one to two weeks in October 2021. According to him, Wilson was met during the breakup. The affidavit states that Armstrong called Wilson and told him she was Strickland while they were still together.

Police were alerted to Strickland because Cash told them that on the day of the alleged murder, Wilson texted her to say she planned to meet with him to go swimming. Strickland told the cops that he picked Wilson up from Cash’s apartment on his motorcycle and that after they went swimming, they had dinner and he drove them back and dropped her off at the residence without entering himself, and then he left to go home.

Armstrong was lied about by Strickland regarding his location that day. He told Armstrong in text that he had gone to drop off flowers for someone and that his phone died. Police later found Armstrong at the house driving the 2012 Jeep Cherokee alone, he told them.