It’s yours! Justin TimberlakeAnd Jessica Biel to bring the wonderful wizarding world to the muggle world for Halloween.
For the Boo-tifulThe couple took their 6-year-old sons on holiday. Silasand a 14-month old PhineasFor a little adventure in magic celebration of the spooky festivities of Oct. 31. The family of four was amazing in their costumes, with each member changing into a different character. Harry Potter series.
The 7th HeavenAn alum shared photos of all the family fun to Instagram and captioned her Nov. 1 post, “Last night at MAGIC Hour.”

Justin is seen in the photos sporting a strikingly white beard and circular sunglasses to recreate his look of Professor Dumbledore. Justin’s other half was wearing a green velvet coat with tall witch hat to complete his look as Professor McGonagall. 

Silas wore his best Gryffindor scarf, black coat, and hat as Harry, while Phineas wore the most adorable costume (completely with grey and white feathers), as Harry’s snowy pet owl, Hedwig.