Julia FoxRecent parenting advice from’s is not enough for some people.

In the one-minute clip TikTok, the Uncut Gems actress shared that her 19-month-old son ValentinoEx, whom she shares with Peter Artemiev“He doesn’t really care about his toys,” but rather, he is “more interested in what the adults do.”

Childhood was “invented as a way to get parents to spend a lot of money on s–t,” said Julia, who explained that kids were treated as “little adults” before the 18th century.

She said, “I recommend everyone buys their child a small mop and a small broom so that they can teach them these life skills early on.”

However, social media users also include Chantel Jeffries and fellow mom Emily Ratajkowski showed their support, some didn’t agree with the idea of young children doing chores. Commenter: “I would prefer that my kids don’t have to think about adult life.” Just enjoy the moment. [sic]And sweeping LOL.”