Josh Hutcherson’s house is known by locals as the “The Tree House.” It sits behind gates on a celebrity filled stretch of Woodrow Wilson, it sits amidst a mature sycamore grove and nearly a half an acre of wonderful lush habitation.

This house has  had a succession of famous owners that have been drawn to the warm, yet modern, architecture and natural beauty of the site so it’s not hard to see why Josh Hutcherson choose this pad.

The interior of the house feature two bedrooms, office and two bathrooms, polished concrete floors, open-beamed ceilings and rooms that have been renovated and remodeled. Walls of glass open to a breathtaking 2,500 square foot backyard outdoor living area with an incredible movie lounge, dining/barbeque space and multiple seating areas perched in the trees. Music throughout, cameras, security and projection system.

Fun Fact: This house used to be own by the late Heath Ledger

Address: 8010 Woodrow Wilson Dr Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Hollywood Hills – California)