Johnny Depp’s home property includes an entire 19th century Provençal village.   The main home, which is 4,300 square ft estate comes with  five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The rest of the guest cottages and other structures bring the total square footage to 10,376 while also adding to the bathroom and bedroom numbers.  12 and 12 all in all.   The church next to the home, has been transformed into a guesthouse, and the old confessional has been turned into a closet.    His garage, and laundry room looks like proper businesses in his mini village.  In the center of his “village town’there is a restaurant, and is served as the estate’s dining room.   There is a Pirates of the Caribbean”-themed wine cellar with fabric draped bed, human skull and a fur pelt slung over a carved wood bench.  The estate also includes two swimming pools , a gym and a private skate park that includes a half-pipe.