Despite Joe Cocker’s status in the world, he feels as though he’s living an ordinary life. But, one would totally disagree after laying eyes upon his 15,000 sq ft estate in Crawford, CO. Cocker lived “up where he belonged.” But, now’s the time to downsize, apparently. With a little help from his friend, Joe and his wife are looking to get $7.85 million on the 243 acre property. Joe Cocker seems like a cool-enough individual who can stand alittle rain and settle for less than the asking price.

Setting song references aside, the Cocker mansion (also known as “Mad Dog Ranch”) is a remarkable piece of architecture. It has 8 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and two stories of luxury living. The price tag includes the works: intercom, drapes, bar, sprinkler system, sound system……pretty much any system. Additionally, the kitchen’s generously furnished and there’s a detached workshop to be had on the premises. You also have a meeting room, fireplaces to warm up by, and a fitness room. It’s the perfect estate for anyone who wants to live an ordinary, comfortable, and prestigious life, let alone has the cheddar to do so!

Address: 43401/43405 Cottonwood Creek Road, Crawford CO 81415