This celebrity has just put her home in Beverly Hills, CA on the market. First and only hint: Nick Lachey’s long-time ex. Yep, Jessica Simpson. She’s been doing quite well for herself, actually. Storing her music career away, Jessica’s been doing TV-related work. Moreover, she has a bunch of products floating around in the economy. But, you probably have knowledge of these factoids. Lets get to the now former casa de Simpson!

The 5,500 sq ft house was built in 1991 in a manner where it’s secluded and private. Visitors would first be greeted by an army of Willow trees, regular trees, and spinach stains on the house itself. Nonetheless, the entire premises has a romantic feel to it. Reminds me of Princess Bride for some apparent reason. If you feel that you’ve seen enough, wait til’ you witness the interior of the 5 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom house. It shouts elegance. You’ll first be greeted by simple, yet attractive decorated flooring and a beautiful curvacious flight of stairs.

There’s one kitchen on site, which is restaurant-style. It’s equipped with two ovens, a refridgerator that can serve as an additional bedroom, and a seating area for four. The door connected to the kitchen leads to a nice little water fountain area. You may alternatively make your way to the adjacent dining room which leads to a lavishing courtyard. This dining room contains a sink which seems to be design for rinsing, and a larger rectangular-shaped sink ideal for dishwashing. It also has cupboards for storing cups, plates, ingredients, etc. On the premises is a medium-sized, yet exceptionally refreshing pool. 

Simpson’s newly former home is actually very close one of Bruce Willis‘s homes. What more could one ask for! Did I mention that the living room next to a third elegant dining room area has a fireplace which Diane Keaton probably used in “Something’s Gotta Give.”

Price Paid: $5,275,000 (December 2005)

Price For Sale: $7,995,000 (May 2013)

Home Address: 9555 Lime Orchard Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Los Angeles – California)