The ears of veteran race car driver, Jeff Gordon, has burned rubber once again, enough rubber to produce enough smoke to confront and make a scene on the track. On November 2nd, at the Texas AAA 500, Jeff Gordon’s car spun out of control, courtesy of Brad Keselowski. As a result, Jeff went up to Brad to inquire about what happened. Then, came the pit……the pit crew, that is. And besides, our Jeff Gordon, here, has a ranch to sell in Missouri Heights, and he’s looking to get $10.5 million for it.

Jeff Gordon’s ranch is just like how any Colorado-born would picture it, or anyone else for that matter who’s at least alittle bit familiar with the state that’s full of mountains and other awe-inspiring scenery. The ranch is located on 1,930 acres and surrounded by breath-taking landscape views. It comes complete with various barns, sheds, walking trails, and…..well… get the idea. This property calls to naturists and those who just want to live a private and secluded life, and want to expand on land!

Address: 860 County Rd 121, Carbondale CO 81623