Jeannie is currently a sideline reporter on ABC. Holey MoleyHe doesn’t know the origin of fantasy casting.

“I love all of you women, but that’s not true. Jeannie stated that it was an untrue rumor. “I don’t know anyone, and my people aren’t talking to Bravo. That was all a fabrication.”

But, Kenya remains The Real co-host Loni Love wouldn’t let things die, as they kept pushing Jeannie to consider The Housewife. Jeannie wouldn’t budge and put things to bed once-and-for-all—even referencing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsstar Garcelle Beauvais in the process.

“The door is shut. It’s sealed. It didn’t have a door. It was just a wall. Jeannie replied, “There is no door.” It’s hard work, so I say it. And even knowing Garcelle, I always ask her ‘How do you get your mind in the place of going in to shoot and you’re not ready for what might come at you? It’s full-time work, she says.