Parenting is a very important topic. J Balvin He has learned how to set one Thank youHe places an important virtue at his top.
The “Machika” singer welcomed his first child—a baby boy named Rio—with girlfriend Valentina Ferrer last June. What is the best lesson that he has learned in all of this time? The 37-year-old said that patience is the best thing he’s ever learned at the MLB Players Party.
You might be wondering what baby Rio is able to say in Spanish. “He says Papá and Hola,” the artist noted during the July 18 event. “Those are the two words that say Hello and Dad.

Balvin’s hopes for his future as a father are? Balvin’s wish actually is very simple. His joking comment was that “I hope he allows me to transport him in a peaceful manner because he’s like an tornado,” he said. He’s always turning around.  He is always trying to twist around. I want him to feel safe in my arms.