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Being a mom “makes me feel like acting is not at all creative,” Goodwin divulged to CelebHomes News at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, “but being a parent—anybody who’s a parent I want to, like, give an Oscar to.”

As for her husband, “He makes me laugh so much, and even if we squabble he makes me laugh, so I can’t even stay angry—which is kind of its own level of frustrating. I want to be mad!”

Dallas was also a huge help when Oliver was born, with Goodwin telling Us Weekly Their oldest son was approximately 5 months old. “He also hadn’t slept since mid May,” he stated. He doesn’t want to sleep. I tell him that he can, but he refuses. He always helps. He is my knight in shining armour.”

He’s also been her partner in keeping their family life super private, hearts covering the boys’ heads when Dallas can’t resist the occasional Instagram share, such as when he and Goodwin brought them to watch an LAFC match. “Start’em young! @lafc @mls All stars! He captioned the photo of his father-sons taken by his wife.

The kids will be happy. Have seen on Dallas’ Insta are likely from the fan-favorite supernatural drama Manifest, which will have its fourth and final season on Netflix after being canceled by NBC. Goodwin, meanwhile, doesn’t even do social media.