CelebHomesxcited to baby! 

CelebHomes News Erin Lim Rhodes exclusively detailed her luxe baby shower during Daily PopOn Friday, November 12. Co-host: Alongside Morgan Stewart Designer of celebrity events Melissa AndreThe extravagant backyard party was started by a friend, and it ended up being an inflatable butterfly. 

Melissa jokingly said, “All Erin provided me was one screenshot from the Internet showing a floating floatie.” This was the basis of our entire party. 

Melissa created a whimsical and stunning theme with Erin, and together they brought her dream party to reality. Melissa shared that “we built this literal, raindrop-filled baby shower right in her yard” and Erin pointed out that the couple wanted to keep it neutral as she is still unsure of the gender. 

Plus, with a to-die-for menu including mini pints of ice cream, homemade cookies and hot dogs on a stick (“I ate everyone’s fries,” Morgan joked), it was a total foodie event! 

Erin stated, “I wanted everything to stay all local businesses,” and cited that she emphasized female-owned businesses founded by “powerhouse” women.