Dakota JohnsonAnd Chris Martin Are saying good-bye to 2021

This actress is Coldplay artist were photographed on the beaches of Tulum, Mex. on Wednesday, Dec. 29. Chris joined them. Gwyneth Paltrow‘s son, Moses MartinThese were his parents, and he was also seen in the water with him. A source confirmed the report. Apple MartinAlso made it on the trip

A source told CelebHomes News that the couple decided to travel south of the border to ring in the New Year with Moses and a group of friends. They spent their days at the beach, swimming and relaxing. Chris and Moses went to the beach each day, and they had fun,” the source said. He added that their father-son team was “very playful, playing in the water together and taking on each other on the sand.”

And it seems Moses may have a future in acting, as the insider saw the teen “throwing play punches and watching as Chris fell backwards in the water.”

According to the source, Dakota even joined in on the action, with the insider describing how she “got splashed but she didn’t seem to mind.”