Talk about wedding gifts! Founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner just bought his new bride, Crystal Harris, a beautiful $5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The gorgeous 5,900 square foot home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, a movie theater, game room and a spa. The grounds also contain an exquisite infinity pool and deck.

Built in 2011, the contemporary home has a lot of sleek lines and angular features. The home has however, been put in the name of Crystal’s mother, Lee Lovitt, so maybe Hefner is thinking he will get his mother-in-law on his side and let her live there for awhile. He doesn’t have to try very hard based on how Lovitt has had nothing but good things to say about her new son-in-law from the beginning. I gotta say I don’t really see any reason why Hefner would want to move out of the Playboy Mansion, but hey thats just me.

The happy couple was finally married on New Year’s Eve 2012 after a bit of turmoil when Crystal called off the wedding on June 14, 2011, just five days before the wedding.

Hugh Hefner has had a very colorful life, to say the least. He started out working as a copywriter for Esquire. He left in January 1952 after being denied a $5 raise, he then mortgaged his furniture, generating a bank loan of $600, he then raised the balance of the money needed to launch Playboy, which was initially going to be called Stag Party. The undated first issue, published in December 1953, featured Marilyn Monroe from her 1949 nude calendar shoot and sold over 50,000 copies.

Hugh Hefner remade himself as man about town and all around playboy which is a lifestyle that he promoted in his magazine, wearing his trademark pajamas and robe, he turned Playboy into a multi million dollar company.

Home Address: 1700 Queens Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90069 (Hollywood Hills – California)