The first thing to do for a blocked bathtub drain is to use a plunger. Pour hot water into the drain to unclog any obstructions that might be preventing the tub from draining. Next, place a wet towel over the hole and press down to seal it. You can then use a couple of quick pumping to clear the drain. Then, slowly lift your hand out from the hole so that water flows freely.

If that fails, then you might need to look into more sophisticated methods for draining your bathtub. A drain snake is basically a piece of flexible metal you use to clear any blockages from your bathtub’s drain. A drain snake can be purchased at your local hardware shop or rented from a rental company.

These steps will help you use your drain snake effectively once it is in your hands.

  1. To expose the inside workings of the bathtub drain, loosen the bolt at its top.
  1. Rubber work gloves are required. Get rid of any hairs, dirt, and other objects that could be blocking your bathtub’s drain. It is possible to not take any further actions if your bathtub drain appears clean.
  1. To check whether water is draining correctly, turn on the faucet. It should be flowing freely. If not, you may skip to the next step. You can snake your drain out if the bathtub isn’t draining as it should.
  1. You can continue to push the snake end down into the tub drain until resistance is felt. You have successfully cleared the bathtub drain of any obstructions.
  1. To loosen any obstructions to your tub draining correctly, turn the drain snake handle counterclockwise. If necessary, feed the snake more into your bathtub drain. You can also turn the handle counterclockwise to loosen any obstructions.
  1. After clearing the tub drain from all debris and clogs, remove the snake and clean it with a wet cloth. Then, screw the plate on to seal the drain. To ensure that your bathtub drain is properly draining, run some water.

If you still find yourself dealing with bathtub drains that are constantly clogging, consider working with a professional for further assistance. They can assess your plumbing system and determine if there may be any underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to prevent future bathtub drain blockages. With regular maintenance and care, however, most bathtubs should be able to function properly and drain without any problems.