Home repairs can be expensive. Getting a professional window installation service costs a minimum of $1,000. This is because windows are the last line of defense against water damage to the home. It’s important for them to be installed properly. The best professionals also know how to install windows that improve energy efficiency and cancel noise. Spending more money on windows now can reduce electricity bills in the long run.

The first key element of a window is the frame. The best frame material is vinyl. It’s low maintenance, affordable, and resists moisture as well as heat transfer. The next key element of a window is the pane. This is what most people think of when they imagine a window. Did you know that multiple panes can slow heat and sound transfer through windows? A double pane is up to 31% more energy efficient than a single pane. Gas fillers between the panes can also improve energy efficiency at an additional cost. 

Once you know the frame and the number of panes you want, coatings can be considered. Applying a coating to window glass can reduce solar heat gain. Some coatings can also reflect furnace heat for warmth in the winter.

Window Installation Service
Source: windownation.com