This amazing dynamic does not end with fan favorite couples. Justin Hartley He revealed that his castmates are his brothers and sisters. “As the years go by, you start to develop a love for each person,” he gushed. Sterling has become a part of my family and I am proud to say that. Chrissy and I are sisters. I love Milo like a brother—not like a dad—and I love Mandy like a sister. Our family is one.”

Continuing on this point, Justin added, “That’s the greatest thing you can take away from a show like this, you can have these lifelong friendships and bonds.”

The Pearsons’ love and admiration for their actors will keep us all going long after the show ends. For more from CelebHomes News’ farewell to the family, click here. 

We are this! final season kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 4, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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