The reboot teased a second chance for fan favorite O.G. couple Slater (Lopez) and Jessie (Lauren) during a season two sneak peek, and now Lopez and Lauren are setting the record straight ahead of tomorrow’s premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 24. 

“It’s never boring to be alive.” The Bell Saves the Day” Lauren exclusively hinted. “We see Jessie at the beginning of the season officially getting a divorce from René (Cheyenne JacksonFans are going to be rooting for it. Slater had not seen Jessie in years and they now work together at the same company, where they met for the first time. They are now available for each other at this moment. 

Lopez laughs, “I am not trying be a homewrecker” but also, “but at the same moment, I’m unable to bounce back relationship guys, so let’s wait and see.”