King has been single since the separation with Warner. King focuses on her craft while being a voice for Hollywood diversity. The awards started to pour in. This was her first Emmy award for work on the ABC anthology series. American CrimeIn 2015, she was joined by another. Meanwhile, she developed a deep passion for the art of directing. After directing an episode in 2013 of The CW, SouthlandIn addition to directing episodes of, The Good Doctor: Scandal and Shameless and Insecure.

“My career right now is not a transition [away from acting], it’s a hyphenate. In a lot of regards, it’s just beginning,” she told Vulture in 2015. “You guys haven’t had a chance to see what I can do yet.”

And that included her next major role, a reunion with The Leftovers auteur Damon Lindelof for his ambitious adaptation of the cult comic book series Watchmen, which debuted on HBO in late 2019 to great acclaim. “I’m like, ‘I wait until I’m darn near 50 to be a superhero,'” King told USA Today with a laugh. “Thank goodness my body is still fluid, I can run and jump and do some cool stuff.” King awarded King her fourth Emmy, for Angela Abar’s role in Series. 

After WatchmenKing elevated her directing skills to the next stage, taking the role of director behind the camera. Miami, One NightAn adaptation Kemp Powers“Stage play” imagining a meeting between Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown Sonny Liston. Just scenes were left to complete filming for the Amazon project after the outbreak of the coronavirus virus that decimated the entire industry one year earlier. While she was waiting to resume production, King felt the need to be back on set.