“I’m so grateful I’m able to be someone who people can look up to,” she said. It’s worth the risk, and all of my experiences and s—t. Because of my ability to help people feel less isolated by being myself, which I am very proud of.

In fact, the fans continue to reach out and show support by offering their appreciation.

She shared that it was “literally the greatest privilege in my life to hear this from people.” I’ll walk on the streets or at parties and someone will approach me. It’s almost like they don’t have to talk much, we know each other and that’s what makes it so special. It’s rare for people to feel the same kind of relationship with their community as I do. I’m so lucky.”

As happy as she is to see her LGBTQ+ characters, such as the cast of PoseCelebHomes Laverne Cox• Shine

“Even my peers see people close to me in age.” Hunter Schaefer Kim Petras“Just stand tall in your power, and don’t apologize for being you. They are the ones I look up too…that is what gives me energy,” she added.