We all adore scones, dreamy lamps, lighting fixtures, and all the nostalgia that comes with them. Choosing new installations, removing old light tubes, and finding the most exceptional chandelier for the dining hall; that’s what most of the interior designers are always endeavouring to create a WOW effect. While keeping all that in mind, the strategic application of an ornamental full-length mirroralsogoes a long way in putting the lighting arrangement at your place to the very best use. If you’re in a dark space with limited windows or intend to reap the benefits of your kitchen’s natural daylight, mirrors are a perfect way to get the most out of your wall sconce investment without boarding on a full-fledged home remodelling project.

With that thought in mind, we take you through some incredible ideas to make the best use of the mirrors while using the benefits of the lighting in the vicinity. 

Think about the location where to place

Location is everything. Wherever you decide to place your mirror, the arrangement is going to determine if it is going to make or break how everything lights up in your space. Mirrors can produce two vastly different effects: either by reflecting natural light from a window or through the chandeliers or scones that are adorning your walls or hanging through your sealings. 

If by chance, you happen to put a full-length mirror right across or opposite to a television set, it will not only fade out your beautiful reflector entirely, but you will also have to re-think if the mirroring of LED and Plasma glow is what that you desire in your house? On the flip side, making use of the mirrors for reflecting an overhead light in a scarcely lit corner of the room won’t only help to improve the aesthetics but would also provide adequate illumination without spending a dime.

Also, placing your mirror in a correct positioning in a room enables the natural light to be optimized. One of the easiest ways to pull this off is to put your mirror adjacent to a window in your place— it will help to catch and reflect the light from different angles and then dissipate it all across the room. 

The recommended size: Full-length mirror must serve a productive purpose

There is absolutely no dearth of ways to put your full-length decorative mirror to the best use. Here are a few smart ways to derive the desired outcome.

Mirror a garden

Well, who said that mirrors are just for indoors? Why not showcase and appreciate them from different and unconventional perspectives— and especially at the places where we’ve invested so much time and energy into creating a lush green landscape? 

Garden mirrors can be mounted in various strategic locations to pull off a powerful effect. For instance, you could use them to enact a concept of a hidden gateway against the boundary of the garden, right in the middle of flourishing shrubbery.

Optionally, a set of 2 – 3 full-sized mirrors can be placed along a wall to make your patio look more spacious than it actually is. Mirrored panels along the garden edge can also make your outdoor space look fuller, denser, and lusher.

Space illusion

The taller the mirror, the more space illusion it is going to produce.

Think long and hard about the perspective of the room you want to replicate by making the smart use of mirrors— for example, putting a reflector in front of a window would help bring natural light and foliage into a smaller space. 

A larger mirror can also brighten and enliven the aura of a room by giving the impression of housing more visitors in a space.

Decorating the hallway

standing mirror right inside a house’s entryway offers the instant impression of light heart-warming as soon as you walk through the door. A window styled minimalistic reflector is sure to strike the heart chords of many, giving out a welcoming vibe. You may also choose to flank it with a short height mantel fancily covered showcasing decorative pieces. Or, big flower vases kept on either side of the mirror are also worthy of making a powerful statement.

Options available in Full-Length Mirror styles

Full-length mirrors come in various forms and styles; you may choose to pick one as per your personal preference and existing home decor.

Framed Mirrors: If you are an aficionado of traditional and vintage stuff, or your house is built with an aristocratic touch, then you may choose to buy framed mirrors in full size to augment the aesthetics further. 

Frameless Mirrors: Contemporary homes and futuristic set-ups are galore with frameless wall mirrors— notably, the ones with the LED lighting strip on borders are in vogue. Don’t forget to add a seater in the front to fulfil the functional purpose too.