Do you really need a Bachelor?

So asks NBC’s Regency-era dating show. The Courtship. The reality series follows the lead lady in an English castle built in 19th century. Nicole RemyAs she tries to find love with 16 men. 

But before she embarks on that journey starting March 6, Nicole is taking CelebHomes News’ Daily PopBack to the start. “This opportunity kind of fell on my lap,” the 25-year-old Seattle resident exclusively revealed on March 3. It wasn’t something I was looking for, but it was what I found.WasLooking for love was what you were looking for. “It just all worked out perfectly.

Perfect, indeed. After all, Nicole explained that she has “a group of men that I can potentially choose from, and everything is arranged for me and it’s Bridgerton themed.”

“Who wouldn’t like to feel princess-like every day?” She added. She added.