Hayden PanettiereShe has shared a glimpse of her motherhood. 

A candid interview featuring PeopleThe author shares her struggles with addiction and alcoholism in the following: Take It OnStar openedly spoke out about her relationship with 7-year old daughter Kaya.

Hayden said, “Oh my gods, that child came out from me.” But she’s smarter than I. “She’s smarter than I. She will be taller than my height!”

In 2018, the 32-year-old made the difficult decision to send her daughter to live in Ukraine with her father, Wladimir KlitschkoIn her struggle with addiction, she found strength in herself. 

It was one of the most challenging things I had to do, she said. It was the best thing I did for her, to take care of me and to be a great mom. Sometimes that requires letting go.

Hayden explained that Kaya was not an easy decision. She is sober now and she is grateful for the connection she shares with Kaya. 

The mom of the daughter said that she has “a beautiful life.” She is currently living in Ukraine, but her son remains there. I was there for her. She is an incredible child. She’s intelligent and funny. And she loves me, no matter what reason.”