Khloe Kardashian kicked off her 38th year with her nearest and dearest. 

The Good American mogul celebrated her birthday with a private dinner party that included family members and close friends. Kris Jenner, Kim KardashianAnd Rob Kardashian. KoKo wore a hot pink dress for the occasion, with her mom calling her “little Miss Barbie.” 

While sitting down for the meal, the momager—who donned a green gown with emerald and diamond drop earrings for the casual family get-together—gave a toast to her daughter.

Kris said that she was a bit ‘wasteful’ and green but how infatuated with Khloe Kardashian. I consider you a rockstar in my eyes. You are the Queen of Our Family. You’re the one who sees the half-full glass. 

Kris’ speech was “amazingly beautiful”, and Khloe is not likely to forget it. Kris said, “I want to tell you how much I love and appreciate you.” “But I’ve had far too much alcohol tonight. However, we love you and are glad to be here. Because you are so sweet, we’re here.