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A capsule wardrobe is a way to build a high-quality and durable wardrobe. But it could prove costly financially. It can be expensive to shop for timeless pieces and get away from the fast fashion. It’s worth keeping an eye out for great sales and discounts. The brand Theory has styles you will wear year after year, and they are a great investment in your wardrobe.

Theory is offering some amazing deals for those who are looking to save money on their clothes. There are 80% off dresses, tops and skirts. They are stylish, well-made clothing that is always in fashion. These looks can be worn in many different ways. These looks can be worn for work, happy hour or date nights. Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking piece, right?

For only $49., you can purchase this dress from $245. This $145 turtleneck is only $29. This $395 gown is only $79. You can find so many styles to choose from, but here’s a selection of standouts.