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Best of Dermstore Reviews Hair Edit

A customer stated that this kit is perfect to give me a boost in my haircare regimen. I love the Dermstore sets’ ability to try out new products and not have to commit to a large amount of money or product. Every set contains a wide range of products that have been carefully selected. Thank you so much for my order.

One person said, “Love all the stuff in this value package to try.” The hair gummies have been a hit so far. It is a delicious gummy that I like. It works! The slip silk hairband is super soft, and it doesn’t tug your hair.

Dermstore sales associate explained: “I bought 2 of these kits. The gift was one, and the other for me. It was great because I am already a fan of silk scrunchies. The HUM gummies have been a hit with me, as has the scalp massager. While the Briogeo Mini is not my preferred, it’s nice to have around for travel purposes. Excellent oribe detangler, I used it for about one week. When I finish with my other products, would definitely buy a larger size. It’s not clear if it makes a significant difference, but the living proof is there. It’s also amazing to use the hair oil. I still have to give the apple cider vinegar mask a try and also the r+co! It was also loved by the gift recipient! “I also added some eye patches.”

When I receive my Dermstore goodies, it is always a great feeling. They did not disappoint me again. The hair care products did not disappoint.” I was a big fan.

One other person said, “I was looking at scalp massagers and decided that this kit would be a good choice since the price is comparable to buying an individual massager.” It’s a great way to try out new products, and it comes with a good sample size product.