George Jones, a renown country singer, died at age 81. Fortunately, he made the decision to put his monstrous 1993 estate on the market back in March of 2011. Did you know that George Jones was good friends with Johnny Cash? Ever since day 1 of the 9,704 sq ft home was up for sale, it endured an unstable ride in terms of price. Jones residence is currently being sold at a whopping $8 million.

The prestigious and old-fashioned looking home is secretly disconnected from society in Franklin, TN. It’s a 4 bedroom. Visitors are in for a treat when they discover that it’s a 7.5 bathroom. No more waiting for the person who’s been occupying the John for an extended period of time, trying to make a donation to the porcelain god. Outlining the premises are vast lush green fields. Accompanying the land are beautiful trees and a huge elegant gate. Once you pass through the gate, you’re greeted by a large artsy fountain.

If the Playboy Mansion were to have a baby, then Jones’s casa would be it. This house has everything you can think of: BBQ area, pool, pond, fireplace, sprinkler system, Bruce Wayne’s underground sanctuary……….It’s also said that Mel Gibson chose this spot to film The Patriot.