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Following two seasons, the BBC cancelled the co-production with HBO. Sally Wainwright said the news caught her off guard—but that it’s not all bad news.

Wainwright said that “it’s been quite a surprise” because the BBC had been doing well throughout this country. We were prepared to go back, and the BBC was certainly ready. [is]Get ready to go again.”

The show must find a global streaming partner. Wainwright stated, “I believe all of those options are being considered at the moment given that there is an interest to continue with it amongst quite some people.”

Wainwright said she remains flummoxed about HBO’s decision—and she’s particularly gutted for the show’s dedicated fandom.

It’s been an extremely successful show for all of them,” she stated. It’s received great reviews and has a respectable audience. The show also had an impact in the gay community. They have an extraordinary fanbase and organize many events.