General Mark R. Naird has returned and is reporting for duty. 

Netflix unveiled the trailer for season two of its comedy series about soldiers on January 27, Space Force—Staring Steve Carell, John Malkovich And Ben SchwartzThe trailer will be released on February 18, 2018. The trailer opens with General Naird (Carell), heading to a meeting at the Secretary of Defense.Tim Meadows).

In the video, the secretary says that General Naird is unstable, incompetent. Frail, eccentric, indecisive. 

General Naird replied so well, “When you point your finger, three fingers are pointed at you, and the thumb is pointed up towards the sky.”

Next, the secretary of defense issues a warning. “You have five month to prove yourself otherwise POTUS (President) will place alternative command.” Naird, however, doesn’t appear too concerned, assuring that the team “Space Force” is not going anywhere.

We hope that you are right about wCelebHomes.