Frankie MunizHe is not trying to be a big fat lie to anyone, but he wants to make it clear.

The Malcolm in the MiddleStar shared his poor memories during competition Dancing With the StarsHe now says that these remarks may have been exaggerated to make the scene more dramatic. On the show, he said: “For my ‘Most Memorable Year’ episode, they said to me that 2001 was the most memorable of all.” My take is a sham. Podcast July 18. “And I go, ‘I don’t know what to say,’ and they’re like, ‘Why?'”

Frankie simply didn’t remember a lot from that time, but when the Dancing With the StarsProducers edited his reply to make it appear that he had “zero memories of anything.”

CelebHomes News reached to ABC and Dancing With the StarsFor comment, I didn’t get back to you.

Frankie was persuaded that it was too late for him to speak. He said, “I recall I was Malcolm.” But I remember a lot and don’t know everything.”